mlogvis is a script to visualize logfiles interactively in a browser, using the d3.js javascript visualization engine. mlogvis provides an alternative to mplotqueries without the matplotlib dependency, but currently only contains a sub-set of features of mplotqueries.

The script will read a logfile, process the data and write a self-contained html file to the current working directory. It will then start open a browser tab to display the file. The html file can also be sent to somebody and openend by any modern browser (optimized for Google Chrome). An internet connection is required for dynamic loading of d3 javascript library.


mlogvis [-h] [--version] logfile

mlogvis can also be used with shell pipe syntax:

mlogfilter logfile [parameters] | mlogvis

General Parameters


-h, --help
shows the help text and exits.


shows the version number and exits.